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About Us

Bob Guiel is a leading advocate for integrative and alternative health care in Western Massachusetts. He holds a Masters’ in Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, was a certified PICP Level 1 strength and conditioning coach, was a martial arts instructor for over 25 years and has been heavily involved in physical fitness his entire life. He works to integrate his knowledge of nutrition and nutritional biochemistry with homeopathy, herbal medicine and exercise science for a truly holistic and functional approach to health care via N.R.T.™ which is, simply stated, an extraordinarily comprehensive form of Muscle Testing. Muscle testing is a noninvasive, dynamic tool for gathering and evaluating information regarding physical, neuromuscular and biochemical balances within the body and assessing its needs. This approach addresses chronic illness by focusing on preventative care and core issues.

Bob’s passion for playing an integral part in helping others find their way to optimal health stems from the fact that he has had to personally endure numerous injuries and surgeries. Through his own experiences, he has developed a keen understanding for the unique physical, intellectual and emotional complexities involved in teaching others and conveying information.

Not only is Bob a leading practitioner in his field, but he is also a noted speaker and teacher. He has lectured on many topics concerning the use of nutrition and supplementation in the treatment of disease along with the techniques and theories he uses in his practice throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Bob’s passion, compassion and depth of knowledge is evident in his work and in his lectures. He is committed to expanding himself intellectually, keeping abreast of the most pertinent research through self-guided study so he can continue to provide the best integrative and alternative health care possible.

Bob’s practice is founded on the guiding principle that as a clinical nutritionist, alternative health care provider and coach, it is not only his job to deliver quality, result driven care, it is his life’s calling. It is as important however, that this is done in a manner in which you, the client, can implement these changes as naturally as possible, as well as reliably and consistently.