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Office Policies and Information for New Clients

Office Hours

We do not maintain set office hours. Our hours depend on scheduled appointments only. This means if we do not have scheduled appointments, the office is closed. We are typically in the office on most Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but, this can often vary. For this reason, it is also important to call ahead when picking up supplements to make sure we will be in the office. If we cannot coordinate a time that is mutually beneficial to pick up your supplements, there is always the option to have your supplements mailed to you.

Office Appointments

All appointments must be scheduled by phone call with Chris Murphy at (413) 519-7166. We prefer not to set appointments via e-mail or text to save confusion.


We ask that you respect our time as much as we do yours. We realize it is sometimes difficult to keep your appointment, however, it is often very difficult for us to fill an appointment at such short notice.

Therefore, we require at least a 24-hour cancellation notice for all regular appointments and 48-hours for all New Client Initial appointments.

Questions and or Concerns

If there are questions or concerns regarding your protocol, diet or general health, please direct your inquiries to Bob directly at (413) 530-5507 or But please allow 24 hours for a response as he receives many calls, texts and emails, from both clients and students throughout the day.

All inquiries about appointments, schedules, and supplement orders will be directed to Chris at 413-519-7166. If you have to leave a message, she will get back to you as soon as she can. Please be patient and respect the fact that Chris can often receive dozens of calls, text, e-mails and walk ins during the day.

All inquiries are equally important to us however, because of the volume, it is often impossible to get back to everyone right away. This especially applies to e-mails and Facebook messages we may receive while working with other clients, in meetings or while teaching courses.

Ordering Supplements

Please note: It is the responsibility of the client to keep track of their supplements and re-orders in a timely manner. Rush orders can be very inconvenient for everyone involved. While we are constantly trying to keep enough supplies on our shelves and given the wide variety and volume of supplements used in our practice along with costs involved it is difficult at best to maintain full stock of everything.

Orders can be requested in a few different ways but all orders will be directed through Chris Murphy via voicemail or text at 413-519-7166 or email ( This will ensure that your order gets processed in the quickest possible way. Please understand that we often must order supplements from our suppliers and we cannot always guarantee their turnaround time on orders. It is equally important to understand that once we place an order with our suppliers, it is out of our hands. We can track orders for you but cannot control delivery. It is important and the client’s responsibility to contact us asap if in need of supplements and to cover any additional shipping expenses that may incur.

Supplement Order Payments

All orders must be paid at the time the order is placed. If it’s a phone order, we will need a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to place the order. If you do not wish to use a credit card your order cannot be placed until we receive payment by either cash or check. With your consent we can keep a credit card on file and process it when your order is placed. Because it is very difficult to keep such a wide variety of supplements in stock, orders often need to be done through various vendors, all of whom require us to prepay before our orders leave their building.

We have minimum order requirements from our vendors therefore it is important to understand that when placing an order with us, it may take 2 to 3 days before we can submit the order to our vendors. It then takes 2 to 4 days for us to receive the supplements in our office, sometimes longer if there is a problem such as weather. Again, once we place the order it is out of our hands. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility when reordering, to be sure you are giving yourself plenty of time. It is very difficult and costly for us to handle last minute orders. If you need something right away you can have it drop-shipped and pay a shipping charge.

Rush Orders and Drop-Ship Charges

If you have forgotten to check your supplies and need to get something right away and we do not have it in stock, we can have it drop-shipped directly to you from the supplier. Be advised there is a $10.00 charge on all orders that need to be dropped shipped within the United States. This is a charge directly from each manufacturer for each order. This also means, if we need to drop-ship your order from multiple venders, you will be charged the drop ship fees incurred from each company. For example, if your order needs to come from two different companies the charge will to be $20, three companies $30 and so on.

As a courtesy, we can mail your orders to you from our office. The appropriate USPS postage fee will be charged. While this can often be much less expensive, it can take a more time. If we do not have what you need in stock, we first have to order and then receive the products from the suppliers then turn them around to you. For these reasons it is always best if you can place your order in a timely manner so we can get them to you before you run out.

Internet and Second Party Orders

First it is important to note that we cannot and will not guarantee the validity, safety or efficacy of any products not purchased directly from our office. We cannot hold these product to the same standard or guarantee you will receive the same benefits. We are not responsible for what happens if you use another product or buy from another source. We know and trust the companies and products we use. When purchased directly from our sources we can stand by their legitimacy. Nutritional supplements and herbal medicines are like everything else, you get what you pay for. There are many, many supplement companies in the US alone willing to sell what they claim to be the same or better, for less.

More over most companies we work with do not authorize open sales of their products on the internet. Often when placing an order on line you can get expired products, counterfeit products or even the wrong product from the wrong manufacturer all together. We understand that you have the right to purchase your products from where ever you wish. However, we are not responsible for any issue that may occur if you choose to do so. For these and many other reasons we strongly support our right not to support any purchases made by second party suppliers of any of the nutritional supplement, herbal or homeopathic recommendations we prescribe.