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What is N.R.T.?

A Basic Introduction

N.R.T.™ or Nutritional Reflex Technique (not to be confused with Nutritional Response Technique) is, simply stated, an extraordinarily comprehensive form of Muscle Testing–a noninvasive, dynamic tool for gathering and evaluating information regarding physical, neuromuscular and biochemical balances within the body. It involves testing the reaction of a large muscle group, such as a leg, to slight pressure in response to various forms of stimuli and interactions with acupuncture points. Basically, N.R.T.™ is biofeedback without fancy electrical gadgets.

It is an exceedingly useful tool for identifying allergies and food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, detecting toxic burdens and the core cause of illnesses as well as determining the best course of action based on the specific needs of each individual. Muscle testing is often referred to as Applied Kinesiology or AK but in truth, AK is just one form of muscle testing, of which there are many used today. While forms of muscle testing are based on many of the same basic fundamentals, N.R.T.™, founded on years of extensive clinical study offers a much more in-depth and precise assessment, providing optimal therapeutic plans for the best possible outcomes.

The Scientific Explanation

The human body works much like a computer. Your body knows, at any moment and at some level, what is wrong and what it needs. From the perspective of quantum biology, the human body is a hologram composed of intersecting lines of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) known as bio-energy. These EMF’s govern the physical functionings of the body and have an intimate relationship with systems, organs, tissue, cells and even DNA. This “bio-energetic field” also serves as a sort of data base for everything that has impacted our health throughout our lives.

If anything impacts the physical body or the electrical grid, either positively or negatively, there is a change in the frequencies or EMF’s. All the organs and systems of the body including the endocrine and immune systems are directly linked to the neurological system. Neurology controls muscle contraction. Therefore, any change can be registered in neuromuscular responses. In this way the practitioner can evaluate the specific needs of that individual. This electrical/muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system. There is a wealth of peer-reviewed research that confirms the presence and significance of these bio-energetic fields. Everything in the universe has a specific EMF based on its atomic structure. In fact, the basis for all interaction in the universe are governed by EMF’s. N.R.T.™ is a process that allows the practitioner to access this natural phenomenon and utilize it for the benefit of the clients overall health and well-being.

It’s impossible to test with correct technique without possessing sufficient knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. For example, it’s impossible to test the liver’s ability to complete Phase I detoxification without knowing what that process entails, why your body does it, and what biochemical compounds it needs to do the job. Therefore, N.R.T.™ is only taught to qualified healthcare practitioners meeting the appropriate educational and clinical requirements (ie, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Naturopathic Physician or a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition). Bob Guiel is one of the only practitioners in the Northeast certified by the original developers of N.R.T.™ to teach this technique and has done so throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. In doing so he has developed an entry level system aptly titled Applied Muscle Testing (AMT), which is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of muscle testing that can be applied to any clinical application based on the practitioner’s level of training.

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